Insurance is the responsibility of the Shipper and consignees are recommended that their goods are insured at all times.

It is our policy to provide a quality, safe, environmentally responsible and efficient shipping service. We are committed to continuously improving our operations both ashore and afloat and believe that in order to provide our diverse client base with a quality service, we must continue to ensure all aspects of our operations are reliable and sustainable.

Birdon boasts an Internationally Certified Integrated Management System. The Birdon IMS is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that employees understand our commitment to these policies.
  2. Setting appropriate objectives and monitoring our progress toward achieving our goals.
  3.  Allocating sufficient resources.
  4. Participating in government, industry and community forums and helping our employees to improve their understanding of the safety, quality, and environmental issues and risks associated with shipping.
  5. Conducting regular reviews to assess the adequacy, effectiveness and suitability of our Integrated Management System, including our stated policies and associated objectives, and to ensure that these goals are met.

We welcome input from interested parties and all of our employees regarding ways to improve our performance through safety, quality and environmental initiatives.

Safety Policy
Operations are not performed effectively unless they are performed safely.

If an activity is unsafe, the activity is stopped, addressed immediately and appropriate action taken to eliminate the risk of harm to our employees, other persons participating in the activity, public and the environment.

To achieve effective and safe ship, wharf and shore operations, we maintain and follow documented procedures and, in particular, to:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Maintain the ship and all equipment in a safe operating condition, at a minimum, meeting all classification society and registry standards.
  3. Organise and maintain shore-based management support in such a way to create trust and confidence at all levels and ensure that emergency situations are handled professionally.
  4. Ensure that shipboard personnel maintain their skill and qualification levels at the standard required to meet this goal.
  5. To ensure safety issues are addressed effectively, it is the duty of each Birdon employee to bring unsafe conditions immediately to the attention of his or her supervisor.

Quality Policy
We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer and agency expectations and to deliver a trusted product (s) and impeccable service. Effective management and a strong commitment from all of our employees to continually improve business processes will enable us to accomplish this goal.

Our quality policy objectives are to ensure that:

  1. Customers receive their cargo; free of damage, where and when we have agreed to deliver it.
  2. Customers are served by knowledgeable and responsive customer service staff;
  3. Cargo is processed efficiently through our facilities;
  4. Customers receive accurate and timely invoices;
  5. Customers find it easy to do business with us; and
  6. All of our transactions and interactions with clients are easily tracked and industry accountabilities continuously met.

Environment Policy
Birdon’s Shipping services rely heavily on the ongoing health and wellbeing of our unique and sensitive operating environments. Birdon is committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of our day-to-day business operations and are also committed, at a minimum, to prevent pollution from spillage and discharge of oil, disposal of garbage or unacceptable exhaust emissions to the atmosphere caused by our activities.

We will ensure the environmental integrity of our ship and wharf operations, by adhering to the following principles:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding air, water and the environment in general;
  • Actively maintain the condition of our environment, prevent pollution and reduce the amount of waste generated by our activities; and
  • Minimize the risk to the environment in which we operate by employing reasonably available technology, adhering to operating procedures and being prepared for emergencies.

Our Shipping and Operations Managers have the responsibility to ensure safety on the wharf at all times. We seek the assistance of the public in noting and observing the following procedures.

  • Read and comply with signs on the wharf. Please note public access to the wharf is not permitted during berthing, unberthing, cargo unloading or loading operations.
  • Charter boat operators are requested not to berth until the ship is fast alongside the wharf.
  • Charter boat operators must ensure the safety of their passengers according to instructions issued by the Lord Howe Island Board.
  • Accommodation owners are requested to advise their guests to take care on unloading days, especially in the vicinity of the wharf.

The Lord Howe Island Board has strict quarantine measures in place for the protection of the Island’s sensitive environment.

All suppliers and importers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Lord Howe Island Board Quarantine Regulations. The links below are provided for your convenience.

For more information please see the Lord Howe Island Board website.