Birdon’s Island Trader is a regular sea freight servicing Lord Howe Island. Birdon prides itself on quality service and reliable delivery of goods at reasonable prices.

The Island Trader has a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes and a diesel fuel cargo carrying capacity of up to 60,000 litres. The Island Trader was built in Singapore in 1981 and is the ideal vessel to access and deliver goods to Lord Howe Island.

We are appreciative of the opportunity to work in close proximity with beautiful Lord Howe Island. Special consideration is made to ensure that the Island Trader does not negatively impact the fragile, world-heritage protected environment of Lord Howe Island and its surroundings.


Established in 1977, Birdon is a proudly family-owned company based in Port Macquarie, on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Birdon has grown to be a diversified marine engineering and services business renowned for providing innovative solutions to marine industries and operations on an international scale.

Birdon’s vision is to maximise customer and client satisfaction through the dedication of our people, innovation and operational excellence.

Birdon has a passion for environmental protection and sustainability, emphasised by our commitment to the environment of Lord Howe Island.

Birdon is dedicated to supporting the communities that we live in and work with.


Birdon began in 1977 and in the years following has expanded and diversified to cater to a range of specific areas: Marine, Engineering, Dredging, Disposals and Shipping.

For over a decade Birdon has played a significant role in the successful running of the Island Trader. Originally owned by the Lord Howe Island Sea Freight Pty Ltd (LHISF), majority ownership of the Island Trader was held by residents of Lord Howe Island. Their intention was to reduce the cost of freight to the Island. Since 2009 the Island Trader has used Birdon’s commercial wharf to dock and load supplies bound for Lord Howe Island. Prior to that, Birdon had worked with the LHISF and performed all repairs and maintenance work on the Island Trader.

In 2018, Birdon acquired the Island Trader and the freight services to Lord Howe Island. The responsibility for freight services between mainland Australia and Lord Howe Island is not a role Birdon took on lightly. We have a  genuine understanding of the needs of residents and a complete commitment to protecting the environment of, and surrounding, Lord Howe Island.

Under Birdon ownership, the vessel makes fortnightly trips, continuing the safe, reliable and affordable service offered to residents.